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tv   WESH 2 News at 5pm  NBC  January 19, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> entered and observed five pitbulls on top of the female, mauling her. -- and had to discharge his weapon. for the dogs were killed in that in order to get her so that they could provide aid to the female. dave: [indiscernible] >> we have three adults that were transported with injuries, one of those adults has life-threatening injuries. two juveniles were also injured, but have minor injuries. dave: again, there you have it. five people were hurt and all 5000 balls, for the dogs were shot and killed by sanford police officer. the one-woman transported does have life-threatening injuries we are told. we are told the other woman transported does not have life turning injuries and the mail also has nonlife threatening injuries.
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being described as minor injuries, the one child was transported and the other one was not. as far as what prompted all of up, nobody seems to know. the investigation is just beginning as the sanford police government tries to figure out why this was such a violent here in sanford. live in seminole county. re also following breaking news in orange county. a man is recovering right now, after being shot in broad daylight at a gas station. angela: wesh 2 has learned the victim was a handy-man, and the person who shot him is still on -- it happened around 2:30 at the citgo station on pine hills road near silver star road. jim: because of this, 4 nearby schools had to be put on lockdown for a short time. wesh 2' s gail paschall brown joins us live from the scene, with more on what went down gail. gail: orange county sheriff' s officials just informed us that there was a gunfight between two parties here outside the location and that the man was an innocent bystander.
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right now, they are looking for shooting. orange county sheriff' s deputies were called to this convenience silver star road across from evans high school. witnesses say one man was shot the stomach area, once in the shoulder. he was taken to the hospital after the victim called 911. one witness we spoke with says more than a dozen shots were fired. >> just pulled up to the store to get something to drink, he had at least three gun shot i seen, that' s a mechanic man -- >> what you know about this guy? >> he' s a mechanic. he called the police. he himself called the police when he got shot. gail: four area schools were put on lockdown including evans high school. that lockdown on all the schools were lifted. if you have any information as
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shooter, call the orange county sheriff' s office. live in pine hills gail , paschall-brown wesh two news. jim: sunny and brisk across central florida today. and tonight brings the a very strong chance of freezing temperatures for some people. angela: first alert chief meteorologist tony mainolfi outside the wesh 2 studios tracking the latest weather watches and warnings. tony: the big difference today from yesterday is clouds as you can see. well done to the south and it is drier. we have only climbed into the mid-50' s for a high temperature today. warnings now for five of our 10 counties. including the interior of volusia county where temperatures there are expected to fall at or below freezing for a short time. right now 54. take a look covering temperatures, in the 50' most locales. s county. hour-by-hour, falling to about
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far and away. a no-brainer, 28 ocala. 37, orlando. pangos come up everything. coming up in a couple of minutes, we will timeout these cold temperatures and let you know how long they will stick around and how long he will be below freezing where you live. there is a warm up heading our way with a little bit of rain. re following some late breaking news from orlando. the police chief just wrapped up a news conference on a deadly officer involved shooting. jim: it happened late last night. two orlando police officers opened fire on a man at the courtney landing commons apartment complex. wesh 2' s amanda ober is live with the newest information, just released by police. amanda. amanda: we just learned the man who was fatally shot, 28-year-old eric provost was armed with an air-soft gun when he greeted two officers who had come to do a well-being check. orlando' s police chief said in that situation it' s almost
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is simulate dor real and unfortunately, the confrontation ended with provost being fatally shot. 28-year-old eric provost was shot and killed by two oralndo police officers monday night. according to the police chief his officers went to do a well-being check after provost' s father called 911 concerned for his son. a disaptcher got through to provost and told him officers would be arriving shortly. the chief said when those officers arrived, provost exited his condo armed with a simulated firearm. >> knowing our officers were on the way he exited the apartment with the firearm and our officers gave him several commands which were heard by witnesses to either drop gun or get on ground, he did not comply with our commands and hat' s when our officer fired on the suspect . >> provost was taken to ormc where he later died, the officers were not harmed. as for the fact that provost'
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gun was only an air-soft type of weapon the chief said his , officers reacted to what they were confrtoned with. >> they look real and impossible for officer to determine that. put their own lives at risk and put the lives of other citizens at risk. angela as for provost' s state of : mind last night the chief says it' s tough to tell if he may -- it' s hard to tell. he was out on bond after being charged with stealing almost from an bank of america atm that $90,000 had been left unlocked. that incident happened on new year' s day. in orlando, amanda ober, wesh two news. jim: thanks, amanda. a local lawmaker wants to make sure all use of deadly force by florida police officers, will be reviewed by state investigators. state senator geraldine thompson says the florida department of law enforcement would be able to conduct a thorough and impartial investigation. right now agencies are not required to report use-of-force incidents to fdle. though some do. under thompson'
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would change. angela: right now we' re pushing the orange county sheriff' s office for more information about a late-morning bank robbery. chopper 2 was over the scene in the moments that followed. deputies say a man walked into a chase bank on university boulevard and goldenroad road just after 10:00. implied he had a gun, and demanded money. he took some cash and ran off. no one was hurt. we are still waiting to learn the identity of the man who was shot and killed this morning in orange county. sheriff' s deputies say a man in his late-twenties was gunned down on the 900-block of 19th street. as wesh 2 michelle meredith found out, deputies are right now searching for another man, spotted leaving the scene soon after the shots were fired. michelle the medical examiner is : removing the body of the victim a man in his mid to late 20' s. investigators believe the murder suspect could be driving a white buick. on 19th street there was a large
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crime scene tax and there were tears. : -- >> they haven' t found the two people who killed my sons. i feel for her. michelle tears for the loss of a : young life. mary jones knows the victim. says he was friends with her two sons whom mary says were also shot to death in this same neighborhood. >> bringing back memories of my two boys getting killed around here. it' s painful. michelle investigators tell us : it happened around 10:15 a.m. neighbors heard gun shots. then saw an older man drive off wearing a skull capdressed in black. of particular interest is the car. >> in a white four door buick. and they were very specific. they described it as brand new. michelle: in orange county this is considered the first murder of the year but certainly not crime area known as the numbered streets. investigators are not discussing motive.
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solving this crime. >> is it scary? >> yes it is. i stay around here with family and children. i' m not the normal street run around here. michelle there are a lot of : avenues anonymously give a tip. all we are asking for is a tip. michelle one way to tell : anonymously tell law enforcement what you know is through crimeine at 1 800 423 tips in orange county michelle meredith wesh two news. angela: law enforcement has put a bolo out for that new looking white. four door buick. jim: right now investigators in orange county are trying to figure out what caused a local home to catch fire. take a look at this footage, taken at the scene. this is on backiel drive near orange blossom trail in the lake fairview neighborhood. the fire broke out early this morning, and spread quickly, destroying the home. there are no reports of any injuries, but so far a cause has not been determined. a car runs off i-4 and nearly crashes into the wesh 2 studios in winter park today. chopper two didn' t have to go far to get a birds-eye view of
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this happened just before noon. florida highway patrol says the driver appeared to have suffered a medical problem, went off the highway just east of lee road, and rammed into some bushes. the driver was taken to the hospital with minor injuries, no one else was hurt. angela: three passengers on a delta flight leaving orlando international airport had to be removed from the plane just before take off last night. the flight was supposed to be heading to jfk in new york city. wesh 2 has learned the passengers did not turn off their cell-phones when asked and the captain decided to return to the terminal and have them removed. the flight then left for new york. the three passengers were put on a different flight. a teen driver is behind bars tonight. he was arrested after crashing a car that police say he stole police say the teen and two other men stole a black suv this morning, and after hitting three-cars on princeton street, turned on to east colonial drive and crashed. witnesses tell us the driver and the two men jumped out of the wreckage, and ran off in opposite directions. police followed as best they
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driver, a 16-year-old. his accomplices remain on the run tonight. we' re learning new information about a missing lake county man, and the human remains found yesterday outside his home. jim: dennis jones' neighbors in paisley say they haven' t seen him for more than a month. wesh 2' s matt grant was out in the neighborhood today and talked with residents about a woman they have seen coming and going from the home. >> has the dog doing? matt: animal services says this dog is doing excellent after being removed from the home where human remains were found monday. more than a half dozen crime scene investigators returned to the scene tuesday though it' s unclear what they' re looking for. >> it' s really scary to know that it is right across the street from where you live at. matt investigators are working : to see if the remains found at the home belong to 61-year-old dennis jones, who owns the house and has been missing for months. >> i' ve lived here for a year and a half and it never seen him. i have seen his girlfriend all the time. matt candice fox lives across : the street. she, and a half dozen other
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woman spending a lot of time at this home. however, now they say, that woman is nowhere to be found. lake county sheriff deputies would not confirm if they have any suspects or persons of interest at this time. but eight neighbors tell us, independently, they saw the same woman driving jones' blue truck, which deputies found parked a five minute walk from the crime scene. we' re not identifying the woman but we did track down her step father in law. he didn' t want to be identified but says he' s watching her kids and doesn' t know where she went. >> what you think she is doing right now? t. >> i wish his truck after he was missing? >> i' ve no idea, that is for the law to decide. matt we did some digging and : discovered deputies came to this home back on july 16th looking for jones. neighbors say they were told differing accounts of where he was. an autopsy was performed today but the medical examiner says a days. jim: it' s not yet known the
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office is telling us they may have to rely on dental records. it' s being called the safest helmet in football. angela: coming up, wesh 2 gives you a closer look at the new technology and the people who designed it. plus, thieves target more than 50 cars near oia, and at some orange county hotels. jim: breaking news out of daytona beach, chopper 2 up over the scene. a suspect was involved in a chase that ended here at the intersection of mason avenue and berkshire road. the big story is that the chief was following the chase and somehow got spun out in the process. we are told that he is ok. the suspects are being taken into custody and you can see we have a crew right there on the scene. we will have a live report
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jim: it was then year ago that a startup company was given a grant from the national football league. it funded a sufferer helmet for football players. angela: designers unveiled their creation this week. wesh 2' s michelle imperato reports, the company is calling the helmet the safest in football.
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s a tough conversation many times. michelle as a pediatric : neurosurgeon, dr. samuel browd has helped many athletes with concussions. >> we see hundreds of kids come through our program every year for concussion. michelle browd was concerned : current helmets weren' t safe enough and reached out to per reinhall, the chair of the mechanical engineering department at the university of washington. >> we came together and tried to solve this societal problem. michelle over the last two and a : half years they came up with this. >> so here' s the helmet. michelle a four layer helmet : with a shell that absorbs impact, a layer that prevents skull fractures, and another that improves the fit for athletes. the helmet also has a semi-soft exterior shell. in this video, they show why that makes a difference. the vicis helmet is on the left, a standard helmet on the right. >> it' s a high tech layered design and it' s completely different from the existing helmets. michelle schools across florida : are also working to protect kids on the field.
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neurosurgeon specializing in children and babies strongly backs tests that athletes and coaches go through at the beginning of the season to get a baseline reading so when a hard hit happens they will know if the brain was rattled. >> in the past it was just my bell got rung, then you go back out and you play. what we have seen is that it really has a negative impact on the brain. michelle the vicis helmet was : created with input from doctors, engineers, and athletes. if it passes a final safety test, they hope to have nfl and college athletes using it as soon as this coming season. eventually they plan to make it available for athletes of all ages, in every sport that requires a helmet. michelle imperato, wesh 2 news. jim: if you are and the inside looking outside, you think it looks fantastic outside until you step out there. meredith: once again outside, i can say that is cold out there today. tony: the winds are going to taper off. i' m glad his jacket.
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it will be the coldest night of the season and i will show you when a second. here' s a gorgeous shot over toward lake eola where there is a fan perched over the high, tall buildings over downtown. 54. look how drive ar is. that' s why some of you are getting dry skin. we have a couple of those every winter. today is one of them. dry weather working in. class getting pushed down to the south. temperatures at the top of the hour, when 54. salt springs, 53. wildwood, 55. cassia, 54. around 53. the coast, upper 40' s. offshore flow. look how drive the areas. when you have dew points in the teens and 20' good chance that this time of the year we will drop into the 20' s.
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have the breeze, but over the next couple of hours, the winds will go can' t. that will allow for damages to fall, so by 10:00, in town, already down to 43. over toward the coast, even here, down to 42. you have the jackets today, you might even next a layer tonight. 28, ocala. make sure the plants are protected. the villages, 31. frost. probably a one-to our freeze for you toward webster. patchy frost in the well protected low-lying areas of davenport and kissimmee, upper 30' s. apopka, frost. 35. daytona, low 30' s. frost and a freeze. cocoa beach, 45. pompeii, 39. coal is not at the season was on the 12th of january. we should be colder by tomorrow morning. daytona beach, 34. melbourne, 38.
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freeze warning. under a freeze warning, expecting a freeze released or more hours. don' t forget to bring in pats. freeze duration, hours. the villages, 2-4 hours. bushnell, 1-3 hours. wednesday, high-pressure to the north. cold and sunny. by the afternoon, things will begin to revamp. temperatures climbing back up into the middle and the upper 60' s. thursday, in the 70' s. another front arrives on friday, not expecting severe weather, we' ll talk more about this in the 5:30 p.m. our. behind the front, another big chill, waking up sunday morning 235 and freezing temperatures while north and west of i-40. jim: we go to break with a look
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pat: in sanford as many as four dogs are dead. a neighbor called 911 after hearing a woman screaming if i department. officers arrived, five dogs on top of her and the officer opened fire to save her. the dogs were killed. several children were also her. we have a crew on the scene. when we learn more, we' ll bring it to you. jim: chopper over a breaking scene starting to clear and daytona beach. this is ray police chase ended and somehow the chief was involved in this. this is at mason avenue and berkshire road. chief mike chitwood was involved in the chase and somehow got spun out at some point in this. he is fine, the suspect were taken into custody and as you can see, the scene is clearing right now.
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re watching weat jim: smoke fills the skies over paris this morning after a fire breaks out at the ritz carlton hotel. officers blocked off the area at the height of the morning rush hour, as firefighters worked to get the flames under control. crews say no one inside was hurt. the hotel has been closed for renovations for three years, and was expected to re-open in march. no word yet on the amount of damage to the building. the largest natural gas leak in u.s. history should be sealed by the end of february.
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protesting the situation at the aliso canyon site in los angeles. methane gas has been spewing into the atmosphere since the leak sprung back in october. it prompted the relocation of schools, and more than 2000 households. crews say work at the site is now ahead of schedule, and should be complete next month. angela: a $25,000 reward is now being offered to catch the man accused of throwing acid on a mail carrier. police in memphis say the attack happened friday during the woman' s regular postal route. witnesses say the suspect jumped out of a car, ran across a number of yards, and threw acid on the worker. >> he acted like he was mad at her. i thought he was running behind her maybe to tell her he wanted his mail. angela: because the woman who was attacked is a federal worker, the suspect will face federal charges. the victim is now recovering in the hospital. fearing the possibility of a third escape, security officials in mexico are adding extra
5:23 pm
stays behind bars. a guard will now be stationed outside the drug lord' s cell at all times, and more cameras and electronic sensors have been added near his cell. el chapo is back in the same prison where he escaped from last year. the floors have also been reinforced, since he managed to make his escape through an underground tunnel. jim: stewart moore joins us in a look at what is coming up. >> we are on the scene of breaking news and daytona beach. a police chief was involved in a crash following a chase, plus more than 50 cars were broken into near orange county' s hotels and oia. re asking police, how close are you to catching someone? plus, the supreme court says it obama' s executive orders on immigration. conservatives are already cheering.
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vo: know you have a dedicated advisor and team who understand where you come from. we didn't really have anything, you know. but, we made do. vo: know you can craft an investment plan as strong as your values. al, how you doing. hey, mr. hamilton. vo: know that together you can establish a meaningful legacy. with the guidance and support of your dedicated pnc wealth management team. stewart: moore breaking news, the owner of a local ski shop busted on child port charges. meredith: they arrested the owner of ski world orlando today. he faces five counts of child
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agents served a search warrant at his office near mills avenue. they say they found explicit content on his computer. he is expected to bond out of jail sometime soon, we will continue to follow breaking developments. stewart: moore breaking news at 5:30 p.m., we begin a daytona beach where the chief spun out during a police chase. meredith: it all started with a stolen car. claire: this is the intersection of mason and berkshire, a short while ago. this is riddled with crash guards after a suspect in a stolen vehicle allegedly hitting anderson motorist. he allegedly -- when after chief of police. looking at suspect vehicle, honda crv. police say at least three people including the driver believed to be a juvenile stole this car
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behind it and police say that though the driver was not speeding, he was reckless. eventually going over something that plan the tires of the stolen vehicle. the chief was behind the suspect vehicle at that point and that is when officials say the suspect tried to update the chief. listen. >> he spun the chief of police out, sideswiped his entire vehicle. it was on the driver side, also. the chief is fine. claire: he said he spun the chief of police are completely sideswiped being the side of his vehicle. the suspect continued on flat tires to mason and berkshire where wellpoint the wrong way the driver allegedly slammed into an innocent motorist and ran another driver, a female, off the road. suspects buildout, but they were all quickly captured. as a said, this is where it ended, but the chief was
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he drove here in his damage vehicle. he is merely return to accord is because it is city policy that if you are involved in a crash, any city vehicle, there is a lot to do, a lot of paperwork. the suspects are on the way to headquarters. no doubt the chief will be involved in interviewing the suspects who are alleged car thieves and now allegedly involved in hit and run' s here and aggravated battery. live in daytona beach, volusia county. stewart: moore breaking news in sanford were as many as four dogs are dead and several people are hurt after a suspected dog attack inside an apartment. a neighbor called 911 after hearing a woman screaming inside of her apartment and when officers arrived, five dogs run top of her and the officer opened fire to save her. the docs were killed and several children were also hurt. crews are on the same getting
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angela: right now at 5:30, orlando police investigate burglaries. stewart: 60-cars were hit, at 2-hotels near the airport. wesh 2' s bob kealing looks at what was taken, in a story you' ll see first on wesh. bob: the sheer scope of this smash and grab car burglary and vandalism spree over the last 48 hours can be seen all over the parking lot of neighboring hotels on augusta national drive . >> this many, at one time, never. >> more than a dozen cars from mike corry' s rental car fleet had very few items stolen, but still the damage is done. >> i got a lot of glass so i can' t rent em out and it hurts the business. the' re parked and i have to fix them first so i can' t rent them out. bob: between the ramada suites and the staybridge suites next door orlando police say nearly sixty cars were broken in to one -- into in the last two days. many of them are still looking
5:30 pm
we are to talk to one victim' s says that he lost, among other items, his drivers license and credit card. many of the victims are tourists others are here on business. many lost cash and phones. but why didn' t anyone hear so much glass breaking? management at both hotels would not comment. >> they took somebody' s gun but they didn' t take the wallet. they were side by side. bob corry suspects the hodge : podge nature of what was and wasn' t stolen suggests the burglars were more intent on doing damage than stealing things. >> it' s a tragedy. i think it' s punk kids. bob so far police have not said : whether they have suspects or if any of this widespread damage may have been captured on surveillance video. reporting in orange county, west indies. angela: wesh 2 is also trying to confirm whether cars from a third hotel along augusta national drive were also burglarized. stewart: if you think it is called, tomorrow morning will be colder. angela: looks like watches and warnings.
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tony: freeze warnings out there right now. the watches that been upgraded to warnings. the difference tonight versus last night and this morning, clouds are down to the south and the air as drier. the winds will be con. five are counties in volusia county are under freeze warnings right now. that goes as far north as marion over toward sumter and flagler county. temperature right now, 54. over the next 1-2 hours as the sun is setting, temperatures will drop a quickly from the low and mid 50' s into the mid-and upper 40' s. hour-by-hour, by tenet in town and orlando, 42. overnight nolo -- ocala, 37. melbourne, 38. straight ahead, how cold it will be where you live and how long the freeze duration will be if you are in the freeze areas.
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angela: 72-year-old man accused of having sex with a 16 euro girl is in court today. prosecution says he lord the girl to a motel with the promise that he would let her drive his camaro. >> 72-year-old william leach could spend the rest of his life in jail. >> a carries a 15 year potential sentence on each one of accounts. theoretically, that could equal 45 years. >> he is charged with unlawful sexual activity with a minor and traveling to meet a minor. he lives in ocala; police say he traveled to palm bay to meet a 16-year-old girl. here in palm bay, police say he paid for three days in a hotel room for himself and the girl. that is where they caught him. police say he got to know the girl two years ago. he talked to her on the way to the school bus and then started driving her to school. after that, police say, he started sending her gifts, including sex toys. then, last month, having moved to ocala, he returned to a local
5:33 pm
police say he lured the girl inside with promises she could drive his black camaro, and committed sex crimes. police say he returned to the motel yesterday, but by this time, the girl' s mother had become suspicious. a newly released report says police monitored his text messages to the girl, and arrested him as he arrived at her home. >> sir, you do not qualify for the services of the public defender' s office. >> he' ll have to hire a private attorney, and satisfy a bond for $120,000 if he wants out of jail. in palm bay, dan billow, wesh-2 news. angela: tonight anyone who lives in plantation bay is still under a boil water advisory. police say vandals turned on water supply lines to an area under construction and 400,000 gallons of water were lost. the entire system had to be shut down. the water won' t be fully treated until thursday. so until then, you have to boil your water. stewart: the saudi arabian student who was arrested after a run-in with the police, and for an expired student visa, is out of jail tonight. saud hassan was arrested on
5:34 pm
florida institute of technology. police say he was drunk and hit an officer. a judge ordered hassan held for 72 hours, but he was released less than 24 hours later. an attorney argued an expired visa is not a good reason to keep him in custody. angela: possible in a roadblock for the proposed gambling agreement and the seminole tribe of florida. the anti-gaming group came out against the agreement today. they say the deal is bad for the state, and it will likely lead to more gambling statewide, not just on tribal lands. the group is also gathering petitions for an amendment that would say all gambling in the state must be authorized by the florida constitution, and approved by voters. stewart: florida governor rick scott helped honor military veterans today with a special ceremony in deland. the governor awarded the veterans service medal to hundreds of our state' s more than 1.5 million veterans this morning. they all lined up to receive the medals one by one.
5:35 pm
all the way to world war two. >> i' m really honored because my father served in the 82nd aiborne in world war ii. i had the opportunity to serve in the navy at the tail end of the vietnam war, but it' s a great day to be here and thank all these veterans and also thank our national guardsmen. stewart: since 2013, governor scott has awarded more than seven thousand of these medals at ceremonies across the state. the supreme court says it' s taking up president obama' s executive orders on immigration. angela: conservatives are already cheering, but as wesh 2' s sally kidd found out, a decision isn' t expected until summer. sally: justices will decide if the president acted within the scope of his authority under the constitution. his plan shields from deportation up to 5 million undocumented immigrants making them eligible to work and get some federal benefits. the overhaul was announced 14 months ago, but it is since been blocked by federal courts in texas and then 25 other states.
5:36 pm
president actions while the texas attorney general says that by hearing the case the court recognizes the importance of the separation of powers. oral arguments in this case are set for april and the justices are expected to issue a decision by late june and that comes just weeks before the party officially nominate their candidates for president. live in washington, sally kidd. stewart: coming up, fighting mental illness. angela: some say florida can do more to fund the effort. plus, pablo escobar' s miami homestead demolished. what will be put up in its place.
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stewart: ali breaking news in sanford. as many as four dogs are dead and several people are hard hurt after a suspected dog attack inside of an apartment. neighbor calls and i' m the one after hearing a woman screaming from inside of the home and when
5:39 pm
on top of her and the officer had to open fire to save her. the dogs were killed and several children were also hurt. tonight, we are looking into a push for major change into the amount of money florida devotes to fighting mental illness. angela: florida is ranked one of the worst in the nation for mental health services. the number of people with mental illness continues to climb. while funding for it, continues to fall. today, i got a closer look at the campaign to change the way the state helps those who need it. chances are, you know someone with a mental illness. >> just look around you. 1 in four. that' s a lot of people. angela a lot of people who : candice crawford says aren' t getting the treatment they need. >> our funding is embarrassing. angela between 2009 and 2012, : federal funding for mental health nationwide was reduced by 4.4 billion dollars, according to crawford. so in 2013, 36 states decided to make mental health funding a priority at the state level. texas passed its largest funding in history.
5:40 pm
did nothing. currently, florida spends 37 dollars per person on mental health, putting us dead last compared with every other state. it' s a number crawford says we can' t afford to ignore a number , that has continued a downward spiral since 2009. >> florida has decreased and cut the budgets of the state mental hospitals by almost 100 million dollars and nobody is paying attention. angela governor rick scott : proposed $19 million in his rocommended 2016 budget for mental health, but crawford says it' s not nearly enough. >> it would take would to get us hundred $30 million back up to the level of funding of 2001. angela that' s why she' s part of : a statewide campaign to reach out to our state lawmakers, demanding more money and change in the way we treat those who suffer mental illness. these billboards, with the hashtag elect health fl, can be seen in orlando and tallahassee. it' s a message to lawmakers to close the gap in healthcare
5:41 pm
medicaid funding. crawford believes that change alone would provide the insurance low income floridians need. the legislative session got underway last week. crawford says there is no guarantee mental health will even be brought up. if you face a mental illness and are having trouble getting help, let me know about it. you can find me on facebook. stewart: the miami beach mansion once owned by colombian drug lord pablo escobar was torn down today. crews took a wrecking ball to the rose-colored house this morning, hoping to erase the memories of the city' s history of violence and drugs. escobar bought the property for just over $700,000 back in authorities say they don' t know 1980. if he ever actually spent any time in the mansion, it was likely used as a hideout for his workers. the u.s. government seized the property in 1987. angela: chief meteorologist with us, and i think a lot of us are saying that the cold can go. it has been here long enough.
5:42 pm
we want our sunshine. tony: it will be by tomorrow morning. people are getting tired. if you are like angela and me and i' m sure stewart, you are tired of the cold. tomorrow is the day that would begin to turn things around. one more evening of cold weather and one where morning of cold weather and by the afternoon tomorrow we are back into the mid and upper 60' s. temperatures outside right now are pretty comfortable, let' s take a look at the current conditions. wind. winds will subside in clouds that cleared up. the winds will begin to taper on hour-by-hour by mid-evening the drier air will be in place and these temperatures will fall into the low and mid orders by the time we get to 9:00 or 10:00 and by 11:00, we will see some 30' sure. 52, orlando. kenansville, mid to s. patchy frost.
5:43 pm
port st. john, 50. dewpoint temperatures, and the teens. when the air is that drive, especially january, it is a very good chance that you will have cold weather and freezing temperatures and that will be the case overnight tonight. winds out of the north northwest at 10-50 miles per hour. hour-by-hour, the wind gets weaker and weaker. mid 40' s by 10:00. 45 am amount springs. ocala, 37. that' s pretty cold, even by their standards. bellevue, 30. lady lake, 31. harmony, deer park, poinciana, mid to upper 30' s. freezing temperatures in orange city. pearson, by freezing. cape canaveral, 38. call this morning of the winter season.
5:44 pm
calling for 37, previous low as 41 back on generate 12. melbourne beach and that' s why daytona beach, 38 and 34. we have five of our counties now under freeze warnings. that means the freeze duration will be critical, especially for those of you with citrus or tropical plants out there. ocala 6-8 hours. flagler county -- in the volusia county one-to our duration of freeze warning. looking at -- wednesday, high-pressure to the north. cool, northerly flow. temperatures slowly and gradually get back into the mid-60' s, but normal for us is 71. we will get there were better than that by the time we get to thursday. speaking of thursday, looking at the map right now. a good-looking day here. a front on friday.
5:45 pm
another blast of cold weather getting ready to move right back in. you are updated for the seven-day forecast with a shot of rain. we are in the mid-50' s on saturday and we are waking up to freezing temperatures north and west of town on sunday morning. stewart: coming up, space is about to offer the world a rare sight. angela: we' ll tell you when you' ll be able to see not one,
5:46 pm
stay with us. stewart: more people than ever are visiting the island of japan. a record 19.7 million foreigners visited japan last year, nearly 50% more than a year earlier. all those tourists helped drive more than $30 billion into the country' s economy. a weaker yen, and relaxed standards for entry visas are helping to contribute to the bigger numbers. falling oil prices are helping more than just drivers, delta airlines says it saved more than $5 billion on fuel last year. those savings helped the airline report a $4.5 billion profit for last year. despite those numbers, delta' s fourth quarter sales fell 2%, and missed wall street' s forecast. the airline does expect to save another $3 billion this year thanks to the lower energy , prices. deep beneath the streets of london lies a number of secret tunnels, that are now open to the public. angela: they were used as air-raid shelters for as many as
5:47 pm
the tunnels are located 120 feet below street level, and are now being open for tours. we are told they likely saved thousands of lives during the bombings. for the first time in more than 10 years, five planets will all be visible in the pre-dawn sky. starting tomorrow, mercury, venus, jupiter, saturn and mars will all make an appearance for about 45 minutes before sunrise. they' ll reportedly form a diagonal line from the moon to the horizon. the best time to see all of them at the same time is around 6:45 in the morning. the show lasts until february 20th. straight ahead. angela: jim payne joins us now with what' s coming up next half hour. jim: freeze warnings are out for parts of central florida as temperatures start to take a nosedive. we' ll show you where the big chill will really settle in. and a violent, bloody scene in sanford as hounds go haywire. the resulting attack sends several adults and at least one child to the hospital. we are live with breaking details. and problems with panhandlers. one county'
5:48 pm
wesh two news at 6:00. >> local, live, latebreaking
5:49 pm
high definition. meredith: breaking news right now, docs go haywire in a bloody assault. investigations in the county after several dogs are killed. meredith: several people were also hurt. dave mcdaniel is live at the scene in sanford with the details. dave: several police tell us this was a violent scene when they arrive to a little after 3:00. they say on the third floor apartment at fair, a woman was still on the floor when they went and and that these dogs were still on top of her, mauling her. >> there was a report of a female screaming for help in one of the apartments here. dave: the emergency call came in around 3:15 p.m. officers were on scene. >> entered and observed 5 -- sans have a female, mauling her. so, he attended to get the dogs
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